Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pop has a party

It was my Dad's birthday in July, and we caught up on Sunday to celebrate!


Both Lolly and Snail are, to put it mildly, HUGE fans of my parents... HUGE!

Party time

Snail uses a balloon for a pillow.  This does not always end well...
 DinnerDad made an awesome Japanese feast.
Lolly is musical with chopsticks
I made a cake.  A ginger and spice cake, with cream cheese icing. It's probably important at this point to know something key about me: I'm not a cook.  I was actually of the School of Burning Toast in my earlier years.  Eventually I had to suck it up and learn to cook some things, especially since the kids, but lately I've got more into actually enjoying it.  Or at least, not wanting to poke my own eye out as I do it.

Now, apparently, I'm a recipe adapter, and someone who thinks "oh, I've got that leftover buttermilk (note it was LEFTOVER, I'm clearly made of the awesome cooking stuff with buttermilk) that I'll sub in for yoghurt there, great."  Buttermilk!

I also have my own way of making cream cheese icing.  My own way! 

Let me repeat for emphasis: My own way!!  Buttermilk!!
If I sound chuffed with myself, it's just showing how NOT a cook I was.  I'll be on Masterchef next...

Oh, and happy birthday, Pop!!

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Fiona said...

Share the way of cream cheese icing, please.