Sunday, June 20, 2010

A rambling miscellany! Now with Pictures!

A day out at the dam.

Here's a shot from a recent trip to Ikea. Lolly LOVES Ikea, she loves to run around, loves the chips and meatballs, and likes to ride on the various trolleys. It's actually quite a good morning out for us :D

Cooking with DinnerDad. Serious face!

A beautiful gift from her Aunt Strawberrypot.

And just for a laugh, we went to the Pregnancy, Babies and Children Expo on Friday, and Lolly managed to snag a formula balloon - lol Here she is with it. I did give her a breastfeed while it was hovering overhead, does that cancel it out? I should also say that this slogan "the perfect mix of science and love" SHITS ME TO TEARS!!!!!

Finally, a shot from Lolly's first go at Snail's feltboard. I love her combination of outfits and hair :D

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Photos in leiu of post

Just camera phone shots -

At Montessori...

Clapping at Play School concert!

Buggered after school :D

Friday, June 4, 2010

An ode to Bajak, our dog, who turned 18 years old yesterday!!

By his Aunt Lizzie...

a dog.
A dog wide of girth
all the better to barrel you over with.
A snout
for snuffling out
all things horrid and ripe
cunningly attached to his face
so that it's people's-groin-height
(just for identification purposes, of course).
A grin
on cheeky chops
'cos he's always happy
to see you
always waiting for the ball
to be tossed...
A working dog!
(well, he would've
if he'd had to!)
And a tail
so he could smile from
cheek to cheeks...
For knocking breakables
to the floor where they'd smash,
for bruising your legs with
sheer enthusiasm,
for knocking over small people
(who are his particular favourite types of people).
A stinky old man
who's seen his little ones grow up,
who's comforted many a sob,
who's stinky, wiry coat
has become enmeshed in
many a pair of trousers, or a jumper
'cos he's always there
in the midst of the family theatre
always in a supporting role
but vital for the whole production.
Here's to you,
A one in a squillion dawg!
Happy, happy birthday, Old Man!

Happy Birthday, Mr Stinky!