Monday, August 31, 2009

Neglectarino blog gets new post!

Well, I promised to post more, but apparently, I LIED! So here is a quick post, stolen time in the moments before Lolly wakes up after a restless, coughy night's sleep.

We've been busy bees, Lolly and I went to Sydney with DinnerDad last week for a whirlwind visit while DinnerDad worked. We were great tourists and saw all the typical sights, I'll do a post of photos next! We've got the older two kids back now and have had a bit of recovery time. Smash won his basketball match on Saturday, yay!!

Our family is in the process of doing a 101 Things To Do list (we've called it our Hotdog Tins list, lol) with lots of fun stuff on it. The gist is that you do a list with 101 things on it that you commit to completing in 1001 days (about 2 and a half years). We've got a mix of fun things, and practical stuff to keep us sorted for the next few years. It's been a great way of thinking about what is important to us as a family, and what our key goals are, too. Here's the link to our blog, we've not quite finished our list yet, and haven't started the 1001 day challenge, but stay tuned for more news on it soon!

In sad news, Steve McQueen, one of our two turtles, died a few weeks ago. He was an entertaining turtle, who enjoyed his freedom! RIP Steve. Squirtle is not the same without you.