Thursday, May 16, 2013


In my immense slackness as a blogger, I have failed to record the Birthday of Amazingness that was Lolly's Fifth birthday!  She had a party on her actual birthday, with lots of school friends, which was heaps of fun.

Skateboard from her brother!

Big bike from us :D

Her party was a Teddy Bear's Picnic theme, it was sunny and hot!

Before the hordes descended.

Compulsory adorable cake.


Even the turtle got in the party mode.

Dino piƱata!
Excuse the lazy photo blogging!  :D

Saturday, May 11, 2013

School days...Part the Second

Lolly is in Prep this year, which here in Brisbane is our first year of school.  She goes to a democratic independent school, which has just been amazing.  Thought I'd share a few shots of school awesomeness.

On the BIS tree.

In the end of term art show!

Flying kites at pick up time with some friends.

Dress up Day!  (Cleo from Clifford, the Big Red Dog)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

So...we got a wheelchair adapted car!!

And it is awesome...

At the dealer :D

We may have added some bling...

How it works.

DinnerDad pimped my ride with shagadelic Ikea rugs!

Snail contemplates a Banana - IN OUR CAR!!

It fits two chairs, TWO!!

Lolly looking cute and me peering in.
The car has transformed our lives.  It's amazing. Just amazing.