Sunday, May 5, 2013

So...we got a wheelchair adapted car!!

And it is awesome...

At the dealer :D

We may have added some bling...

How it works.

DinnerDad pimped my ride with shagadelic Ikea rugs!

Snail contemplates a Banana - IN OUR CAR!!

It fits two chairs, TWO!!

Lolly looking cute and me peering in.
The car has transformed our lives.  It's amazing. Just amazing.



casso said...

Wow that looks seriously awesome and groovy! Can you place the two chairs in the back so they face each other and friends can have a chat? I seriously cannot begin to imagine just how MUCH this would transform your lives. Yay!

Selene said...

That would be fun! :D It's been amazing, it helps us to live a little bit more like a "regular" family.