Sunday, June 20, 2010

A rambling miscellany! Now with Pictures!

A day out at the dam.

Here's a shot from a recent trip to Ikea. Lolly LOVES Ikea, she loves to run around, loves the chips and meatballs, and likes to ride on the various trolleys. It's actually quite a good morning out for us :D

Cooking with DinnerDad. Serious face!

A beautiful gift from her Aunt Strawberrypot.

And just for a laugh, we went to the Pregnancy, Babies and Children Expo on Friday, and Lolly managed to snag a formula balloon - lol Here she is with it. I did give her a breastfeed while it was hovering overhead, does that cancel it out? I should also say that this slogan "the perfect mix of science and love" SHITS ME TO TEARS!!!!!

Finally, a shot from Lolly's first go at Snail's feltboard. I love her combination of outfits and hair :D


anastasia_wolf said...

Hehehe that balloon is just evil!! ;) I love Ikea but the thought of going there with Imogen gives me the heebie jeebies!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics, especially the first one at the lake. We love Ikea too, especially 'cause no one cares when the kids sit on all the lounges and lie on all the beds.

Sazz said...

wow that felt glower crown is awesome!!!