Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Plug for Mission iPossible

Readers in the special needs realm will have heard (or been personally affected by!) the iPad donation snafu rocking the disabled kids blogosphere the last couple of weeks.  I wasn't personally affected, but have read along in a kind of drop-jawed horror as it all unfolded.  The interested might view this post (and the comments) at I Love Max, or Blogzilly's take on things.  It seems to me (from an outsider's perspective) that a bunch of families got promised an iPad for their disabled child which was not delivered (and perhaps never intended to be delivered in the first place).  Money was raised and promised broken.  It all sucked.

Meanwhile, some awesome bloggers decided this wasn't really okay, so formed Mission iPossible to raise money and ensure that everyone promised an iPad, gets one.  Any money raised goes via a registered charity (so no tricks), and the process is tranparent, including some simple verification procedures about who ends up getting the iPads.

It's a seriously tear-welling effort that's made of awesome.  Head over to the blog or facebook page and add yourself to the people who want to make this a bit less sucky a thing to have happened.  And let's hope the truth surfaces, eventually.

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Elizabeth said...

Yes! Mission iPossible is amazing!