Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Soccer, Picnics, and Epilepsy

Saturday is school soccer day round these parts, this weekend Smash's game was at the Gold Coast (an hour or so from our place), and we had a picnic to go to for lunch, so our Saturday was loading up the kids and having driving adventures.

It was a gorgeous day, and the school's soccer fields were literally right on the water.
And they have a coffee van.  Awesome.
The girls were cute.  And Smash's team even won (I'm not big on watching the soccer games, I confess, I have to ask him after the game is over.  4-nil apparently...so, Go Team!).

I love this po-faced cafe set shot of Snail.  She's about to sneeringly judge someone's fashion, whilst reading the New Yorker.

Snail, generously sharing DinnerDad's coffee with DinnerDad

Wheelchair on the water
One long drive back into West End (where DinnerDad has the awesomeness that is a carpark for work) and an even longer walk along the river to go to the Cerebral Palsy League's Picnic in the Park.  I should have reconsidered the long walk given my current lung capacity.  *gasp, cough, splutter* Damn colds.

DinnerDad, Snail, and Smash on the boardwalk at Southbank (Brisbane River) during an enforced rest.
Anyhoo, after much whinging (me), and wheeling (the girls) we made it to the CPL picnic, got ourselves some delicious woodfired pizzas for lunch, and that's when the seizures started.  Nothing too major, seizure-wise, but enough that Snail was pretty floppy and disinterested in stuff, getting short seizures, laughing and limbs flailing, and so on.  We gave her some meds and beat a hasty retreat, as short seizures are often the precursor to big, tonic clonic seizures, and dealing with major seizures in the middle of the city is never our idea of a good time.  She missed out on riding the Liberty Swing *sad face*. 

One quick bounce for Lolly on her first ever giant bouncing castle was all we managed.  And while she was on there I was finding meds for Snail and generally making a shitty face at life.

Being a "green horsey" on the bouncing castle.
5 minutes of actual fun at the picnic, then we all turned round, walked the long walk back to the car, and came home.

If I ever meet Epilepsy face to face, I'm kicking it in the balls.


Janet Fraser said...

Jeez what a shit. *inarticulate sympathy noises*

Anna said...

I hate seizures with a passion. So can I join up and kick it in the balls with you. Lovely photos though. Sorry to hear you had to leave early though.

Rachel said...

Saw this http://www.lookydaddy.com/weblog/2009/07/theres-nothing-smart-about-taking-a-kid-with-epilepsy-to-see-fireworks.html - and thought of this post. xxRach.

Selene said...

Thanks, Rachel, I wish he still wrote that blog, I used to follow it! It's a lot like that, you go along anyway, and hope for the best, because you have to keep living.

Plus it made me smile as I have a post I haven't put up yet about Snail and the fireworks at the Ekka! :D