Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kangaroos everywhere!

Oh, yeah, there are kangaroos just lying around everywhere, Down Under.

Ahem...we head to a zoo like everyone else.  Lolly and I have a year-long pass to the nearby Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, and headed down Friday with Nanna and Pop.  We needed a nice day out to counter our quite miserable couple of sick-y weeks.

Nanna! and a Bird!
Everything is said with exclamation marks at the Sanctuary.  Birds!  Koalas!!  Pony!!! 

Platypus skeleton [!!]
We love the sheep-dog show, the farm animals, and the ponies!!

 Not sure about you, but ponies always seem surly to me.  

Pony says, meh.
We made the mistake of heading into the kangaroo enclosure without buying kangaroo food, but Lolly loudly wished for "some food to feed those kangaroos Mummy!" while walking past a group of US Marines, who, as one, turned and offered her all their food!  It was like some chivalry attack, with kangaroo pellets.  So sweet of them.  We graciously accepted a bag of food, and had SO MUCH FUN feeding kangaroos.

It really is an amazing experience for kids, kangaroos everywhere, eating out of your hand.  Lolly loves it, definitely a better day than our past couple of weeks.

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Stacey said...

LOL the first time we went the girls scabbed kanga food off the Japanese tourists. Last time I bought some. Imogen is too scared to feed them, so I have to while she watches and tentatively pats them!