Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Miscellany

Things we've been doing that haven't been overshared blogged yet.

Lolly, as I've mentioned, is rather keen on doctoring and, now, dentisting all her toys (and anyone she can get to play this with her).  Here she is in the mask the dentist very kindly gave her, taking her horse toy to the dentist, assisted by Nanna.

Warning, this image contains TMI: here's how we roll at Casa Selene.  We fail to make dinner and get DinnerDad to bring home pizza.  We all eat it in front of the TV. During this picture of family togetherness, Lolly has to "go potty", complete with crust of pizza.  Here she is, snapped in the act, while holding her precious pizza crust above her head to stop the dog stealing it.  Oh, and I didn't get this on camera, but the dog totally got "something to eat" from this deal, and it wasn't pizza.  EWWWWW!!!  This is the kind of quality sharing for which I have this blog.  No need to thank me.

I will photograph anything.
 Playing with her awesome new kitchen.

Lolly took this sweet (blurry) photo of Snail holding a balloon.  Holding balloons is Snail's idea of heaven!  She squishes and squeaks then, and laughs and laughs.  

I got a half hour off while taking Smash to soccer the other week, I had coffee and snacks at a lovely cafe in the city.  It was awesome.  
See how there are no kids here.  Or husbands.  Or people of any kind.  Awesome.

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