Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mini fashionista, and Harry Potter

These photos didn't really capture the awesome that was this outfit.  DinnerDad and Lolly chose some groovy duds to go shopping on Saturday, while I went to see Harry Potter at Gold Class (!!). 

It was a day to remember for me, the first movie I've seen sans child since being pregnant.  I saw Star Trek when Lolly was little (she slept in the Ergo and I went to a "babes in arms" session - morning films for parents and carers, kid noise acceptable!).  Then we took all the kids to see Shrek 4 (Lolly was still pretty small, she'd be more scared of it now!).

Harry Potter, also my first movie in 3D, was just awesome.  I had coffee, chocolate, and a burger, in a comfy seat, by myself.  It was a small, blue-fake-suede-covered, slice of paradise. 

Who wouldn't want to come home to this, though.

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