Thursday, August 18, 2011

Parks and Puppy Shoes

On Friday Lolly and I caught up with some friends at Queens Park, which has a fantabulous play ground [which would be made even more awesome by a fence, the eternal lament of the parent].  It was a cracker day, beautifully sunny. 

Lolly priming the pump for our friend, S.
It was the first time Lolly made a friend at the playground, and ran around with her, playing imaginative games.  It was lovely!  Naw, growing up...

Random friend!

Working hard to get water out of the pump.

And I can't resist, her latest insistence is an extra pair of shoes for her hands, all the better to be a puppy.  Here she is about to head off to the park.
Puppy Shoes
Honestly, the child can't really get any cuter.

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