Friday, August 26, 2011

In which Lolly goes swimming.

We stayed at Quay West suites in Sydney, which has a speccy pool on the top floor, well, two pools.  Seriously ritzy.  This is the view from one side.  A bit nice, really.

I mean, check this place out!  Just out of shot on the left is the spa. There's also a massive window there on the right that you look out of from the water, across the harbour.

Here is Lolly and DinnerDad, Lolly has this float-y red ring that fits her perfectly.  During the time we were there, she went from bumbling about with me hanging on to her (and not allowed to let go!), to swimming around herself from one end to the other, with a combo of kicking stylings.  Not without her red ring of swimming power, though.  Her one effort without it resulting in much sinking and spluttering.

The pool on one side had a panel you can see through, DinnerDad snapped this one of Lolly and I.

We were only there three nights, and went swimming four times.  Lolly is VERY keen on it. She loved swimming, and playing games (pretending to be a turtle and so on).  It was pretty lovely.  And just the right close-to-home low key fun we needed on a happy but really pretty sad trip.

The cute!! It burns!

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