Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Things I Let Slide Tuesday: Garden Edition

Occasionally, when I can be bothered (see title) I post about things I let slide round these parts (if you can muster up any interest, see here and here).  The series is more about honesty in blogging than about beating myself with sticks of any kind (actual or metaphorical).  We all have stuff we haven't done, we just don't blog about it til it looks awesome.  So, spirit of fun, and all that.  Feel free to join me if you feel so inclined. 

So, among the kids stuff and renovations, I've let stuff slide.  Let's stick to the yard for this edition...

This is at our front door.  A cheery and welcoming set of unswept leaves, with a yellow kids Ikea bowl in them.  This is...wait for it...our cat's food bowl.  Stylish, no?  It just screams love and care. Occasionally I lean out the front door, and pour a bunch of dry bits in the general direction of this bowl.  Poor cat.  She needs more lurv.  And a broom.

Cat bowl of sadness
Just outside our front door is our second stop on this three hour tour.  When we moved here, there were three palms growing in these odd concrete garden circles on this great spot of flat yard at the back of our place (that back is, ironically, where our front door is.  Don't ask.)  Anyhoo, you can't really grow this kind of palm in a drought, which was what we were having for several years here.  (In other news, the drought was nicely relieved by the floods.  Australia is a land with a sense of irony.  And vengeance.  Weather-y vengeance.)

So, the palms died (thanks, Australia).  And we had three dead palms in concrete circles.  Then DinnerDad chopped the palms down, and we were left with...you guess correctly: three concrete circles.  Which we still have today.  I feel I should point out we have tried to move them, but they are...well... made of concrete.  DinnerDad periodically gets jack of them and attacks them with mallets and picks and crowbars and such.  To no effect. Well, my amusement.  Ahem.

So we dug the dirt out of one this winter and made it a firepit.  Which we still haven't painted, or made a cover for.  Coz that's how we roll.  That last three feet elude us, again.

And the other two concrete circles are still languishing in the yard, full of dead weeds.

Unnattractive firepit.  Also note fallen-down light (which fell down in the floods.  In January.  Thanks again, Australia.)

Finally, pause now, dear readers, to admire the vege garden.  Yes, folks, with a season or more of neglect, you too can have withered pumpkin vine, abandoned watering cans, and unused compost bins!!  Send no money now!

That giant clump of enormous grass behind the compost bin is lemongrass.  It's like a triffid.

Lolly wants to plant seeds this year, tomato and cucumbers.  We clearly haven't got to this yet.

So, these are the Things I Let Slide.  An irregular celebration of the shit we all have that we just haven't got to yet.   


Elizabeth said...

You know -- I think this is a nice derivation of my own "This is how we do it" -- :)

Stacey said...

Ha! Resurrecting Things I've Let Slide... scary thought!

Selene said...

@ Elizabeth, which I love, too.
@ Stacey, see, your idea stays to haunt us forever....