Monday, October 24, 2011

Glimpses of a life

My uncle and aunt sent some lovely scanned photos from my Grandmother's things last week (thanks J and D!), and I thought I'd share some of the life of my Grandmother.  It makes me think (or hope) that one day, my grand-daughter will be looking through the photos of my life, and thinking about how I was a whole person, and about all the things I did and thought.

I'm missing my grandma tonight.

My grandparent's wedding.

Still in England, with my father!

Australia, with my uncle and father, looking fab!

I don't know when or where, but like the shot!

In England.
^^That shot sums up my Grandma, travelling, alone, facing straight at life, and interested in interesting things!

My uncle, Grandma, my sis and me, in the 80s.


Cybele said...

What beautiful photos!

SaraMG said...

Lovely lovely photos, thank you for sharing them Selene :)

I wish my Grandma had met my kids.

Selene said...

Thanks xo. And I'm so glad Lolly met her, too, though I don't know that she'll remember it. I know it meant so much to my Grandma! Lolly is her only great-grandchild.