Saturday, October 8, 2011

Reorganising play spaces

I've been interested in Lolly's play spaces for years, and mostly had a psuedo-Montessori approach to it.  Posts about Lolly's shelves are linked here.  I've been following Mariah Bruehl's Playful Learning Spaces blog for ages, and decided to take her e-course on creating (revamping) learning spaces. 

It's been great so far!  A big part of the course is participating in the Flickr group where participants post their before and after pics, and have discussions about different types of spaces, problem solving and brainstorming. 

My biggest issue, I guess the best way to describe it, is a lack of follow-through.  I have a great idea, go a fair way to making it happen, but don't get to the last 3 feet or so.  Which I think is why my house is not that decorated, or that it's organised, but not the final 3 feet that would help stop more mess.  I think most of us have this issue, to be honest (at least I hope it's not just me), and it's something I envy admire in those bloggers I see that invest time in the last 3 feet of making a space not just functional but beautiful, or an idea not just mostly done, but done all the way. 

Doing this course was a commitment to myself to act on that last 3 feet.  I've done some innovative and thoughtful things with and for Lolly over the years (which I'm proud of) but I've never built that final layer of awesome that makes a space sing.  And it's something I've always wanted to do

So, here are my "before" photos.  I'm yet to tackle any revisions, as I've organised a big clear out of our books for next Monday, and this weekend we're re-arranging the playroom. 

Lolly has a few spaces in our home, there are shelves in the lounge room where I've done her activities and toys for years now.  They are a tad sad at the moment, and haven't had a proper review in months.  Snail also has a set of shelves in the lounge.

Lolly's current shelves, needs major work, and she doesn't play with much of this.

Snail's shelves, which are successful but too crowded

Miscellaneous table for collecting crap.

More crap.  Dining room table.

Play kitchen and giant television.  Lolly doesn't play with it here at all!

The other main area is the "playroom," one of the bedrooms we have all our miscellaneous crap in.  I re-vamped this a while ago but it hasn't been successful, still too crowded, nowhere to sit, and covered in laundry. 
Playroom.  !!!

Playroom, and giant trampoline!

Where I like to keep all the clean laundry.
Confessional over, you can see why I might want to make some of these spaces a tad more effective, and attractive! We're so lucky to have so much space, and I'd love to be using it more effectively.  I'll be posting updates when I get things done.  Wish me luck.