Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our Garden

We don't do it enough.  But to balance the bad, here are some shots of slightly more successful garden goodies.  Like our sadly neglected, but still growing, herb patch. 

DinnerDad, roasting on our giant trampoline.

Beautiful roses seem to grow no matter what we do. 

And these lovely 4/5 headed lilies (lillies?  I think!) like giant flowery trumpets.  Lolly loves these.  She checks every day to see how far they have bloomed, and how many.

It's already getting fearsomely hot round here, with some spectacular storms.  Spring seems to last about a week in Brisbane, and then it's straight to summer.  Then more summer, followed by summer.  I'm eyeing the air conditioning already.


Becoming Dr Doc said...

Roses are so cool for their ability to grow without much lovin' :)

Elizabeth said...

It's always so weird to me that your seasons are reversed from ours. Those plants are gorgeous --

Selene said...

I'm just as mystified by all the fall posts I see on blogs these days from "up your way", Elizabeth ;) It's Spring here, and HOT!

Dr Doc, I always thought roses were delicate flowers, until we had some growing here. They are hardy buggers, and did just fine in our drought. We've had two lots of blooms already this year! Lovely.