Sunday, October 2, 2011

How we spend our Wednesdays

In the absence of Nido and Montessori school, we have been going back to playgroup, which we are lucky enough to have at the beautiful grounds of the Brisbane Independent School.  Gorgeous!  Here is just one bit, you can see the tree house cubby and the rusty car for driving adventures (outside one of the classrooms).

Lolly has been far more comfortable with playgroup this year, well, she always enjoyed it, but didn't venture that far from me until she was nearly 3.  Now, after an initial *OMG I'm soooooo shy and NONE of my friends should SEE me* period, she's off and I barely see her for 2 hours.

It. is. awesome.

Not to mention some of the coolest Mummacitas I know come to let their small ones go feral for the morning, including some of my dearest friends!  So all up, it's a pretty fabulous part of our week.  If they had lawn chairs and vodka, it would be paradise. 

Some weeks we head over afterwards to a big local shopping centre for coffee and giant serves of Wonton noodle soup, and the kids get feral in the foodcourt (coz that's what foodcourts are for). 

Playgroup rocks.

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