Monday, October 3, 2011

School holidays

It was school holidays here recently, and we had some quiet days at home, seeing family.  Snail adores my Mum and Dad, so was very happy to see them twice in one week!  She and Dad laughed and laughed at each other.

Gorgeous girl, chillin' at home.

Happy!  With what we call "happy hands" :)
 I ventured out one Monday, but transfers are getting so hard with Snail that I was pretty down about it afterwards.  We are now seriously investigating raising some funds to adapt the car for the wheelchair.  Anyone got a spare $20,000?  Anyhoo, we met my Mum and went to the library and had cafe lunch.  The girls loved it.
Lolly gets a kiss from Nanna.

Someone enjoys strawberry milkshakes, just a tad!


Elizabeth said...

Snail sits a lot like my Sophie, and she holds her hands similarly, too. Have you ever gotten Snail tested for Rett Syndrome or the CDKL5 variant for it?

Selene said...

No, we haven't. It's a possibility, we're interested in getting more testing done soon.

Becky said...

I am more of a chocolate milkshake person myself, but that strawberry shake looks like it topped off a good day for the girls :)