Sunday, October 30, 2011


We're waiting on a result from the Qantas talks today to see whether or not there will be flights tomorrow.  We were booked to go down to Sydney tomorrow afternoon for the week while our house gets painted.  Apparently, houses that are being painted are not good places for three year olds to stay.  So we were off from Monday to Friday, DinnerDad to work-land, and Lolly and I for a break/adventure!

Catpuss of epic tragedy
But now it depends on Qantas.  So, we're waiting.  If we can't go, we'll stay at my Mum and Dad's.  Which will also be awesome! 

We drove my cat up there today, and OMG the tears and heartbreak from the three year old.  Lolly napped all the way home this afternoon, only to burst into tears as soon as she woke up, crying for 'catpuss'.  We had to call Nanna to check she was okay, and still Lolly sobbed into the phone.  Really, she misses Nanna as well.  It was awful sad. 

Fingers are crossed for our trip!

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