Sunday, March 6, 2011

Things I let slide Tuesday: now with more Sunday!

I haven't done one of these posts in aagggeeessss (all those letters represent time, don't ya know).  But in the spirit of stuff in my house and my life that gets in the way of spending my time with the kids (or the internet) here it is: The Things I Let Slide...starting with

This ceiling.  This is our downstairs bathroom. The cistern on our upstairs loo overflowed without our noticing, until it dripped through the roof of the downstairs bathroom.  We fixed the leak, but 2 days later, this mould erupted.  That was 3 weeks ago, and despite calling straight away to confirm it was covered on insurance, I still haven't lined up a builder to give us a quote to repair it!  We're going to have to get a new ceiling, and possibly floor on the upstairs bathroom, too.

Things I Let Slide #2 - finding tiles:

I need to source tiles for our kitchen renovation, we can't afford to replace these 1990 vintage gems (come on, you love 'em!  sooooo stylish!], so have to find more somewhere to cover the small changes in the footprint of the new kitchen.  I've known about having to find these bloody tiles for months, but still haven't done it!  I've only got a few weeks til our contractors show up!  [pause for a happy *squeeee* about the new kitchen!]

Things I Let Slide #3: Mount Foldmore

You might remember my washing adventures from such posts as this one.  You know, a couple of weeks ago (before the birthday week and the 2 weeks of American plague) I actually reached the bottom of every. single. washing. basket. in. the. house.  That makes it an official two times ever.  It lasted 2.5 hours.  But, I still don't put our clothes away.  Kids clothes, yup, linen, yup, our stuff - here, in which we root around like sad negletarinos every morning, trying to find undies.

**UPDATE** DinnerDad and I went through our wardrobe today, got rid of 5 bags of clothes to give away, and 3 bags of rubbish, and put ALL the washing away!! Huzzah for us!  

Things I Let Slide #4 is my camera! It has been out of action since the flood, and I still haven't taken it for repairs.  I have to trek at least an hour from where I live to get to a repair place, and it's just been too hectic, I've been too sick, or I just CBF.  I seriously need to do this. This is the last picture I took with my camera - it's from the day after the Brisbane floods, which was the 12th of January!

Instead of all these worthy chores, I've been lying on my couch reading, while suffering from a plague DinnerDad bought back from the US.  Lolly has watched ALL the TV, and I read several books with a pounding head and pathetic expression on my face.  But hey, we're on the mend, and there's plenty of cute to be going on with!

Lolly and her future hubby (lol) a few weeks ago.


Anonymous said...

Most of the give away clothes were yours. Mine were just put away. And damn inconvenient having to get clothes from my cupboard now. I'm so used to visiting mount fold more. I need jeans too, and smart-casual shirts. L,D

Selene said...

I forgot you left me this shopping list comment, ya dag of a husband!