Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Adventures, Part the Second

Today we went to the Australian Museum to meet with some ace friends, and explore!  Lolly LOVES this stuff, dinosaurs, bugs, skeletons, fossils, animals, anything she can investigate, she is THERE!

Digging up dinosaur bones at an interactive display.  She loved this activity so much, and so little wanted to leave it, that I'm going to have a go at making something like this for her at home, with our half-shell sandpit and some toys.

There is a simply wonderful area at the Museum called Search and Discover, which is filled with Museum artefacts that kids (and adults!) can handle and explore, cases of bugs and insects, live frogs, stick insects, lizards and spiders, books, computers, and comfy lounges for tired parents.  It's basically fabulous.  Lolly spent HOURS there exploring, by herself and with her friends.  Here, she is looking at insect cases, this was fascinating, and she had to open every case to look inside.

Standing on a giant vertabre and holding a bone (there's a large collection of bones and skulls).

I love the "who me!" face on this shot!
Hopping under the giant turtle shell.
Lolly in a half shell!
Looking at a collection of eggs and bird wings.

Learning how to use the mouse on the computer.  Lolly can use an iPad with ease, and we'd never introduced the mouse to her to use.  I'd just been saying to DinnerDad that we should spend some time with her teaching her this skill!  Give her an egg collecting game and a baby jaguar, she's taught herself in a few minutes!
Learning to use a mouse!
The super-cute Crucifix Frogs, these are tiny, brightly coloured frogs that are just too adorable, they were a favourite!
The frog is the tiny thing in the left of the picture.
She spotted this emu egg on a desk, and in a moment of adorable-ness, had to give it a snuggle!

OMG!  An EGG!!!!

"Awww, what a cute little egg, it might hatch!"
All in all, a great day!  Lolly had a blast, we met up with some Sydney friends, and we'll all sleep well tonight!
[again, a day behind, these were our Monday adventures!]

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Oh my, oh yes! That's all the stuff we did today! Isn't it so fantastic!