Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Birthdays, and turning 3! The Belated Catch Up Post.

Lolly turned 3, and yes, it was a "I can't believe she's 3" kinda moment for me (because birthdays are all about me, don't ya know?).  This post is a late one, I've had some stuff on lately, and hadn't put the photos in yet.

We had presents when DinnerDad got home from work.

Lolly got even more dinosaurs, I just love that she took them out of the pack and used the t-rex to wreak havoc.
Mummy!  This T-Rex dinosaur is killing this other dinosaur!
Me... "!!" 

Lolly got...what could it be?

Prepare yourselves, this shot has ME in it!  Okay, so she didn't get ME for her birthday, it's the bike.  And a Dora helmet.  And no, we weren't just too lazy to put it together before present time, we thought that the building would be a big part of the fun for her, and it was. 

This shot turned out tellingly.  Snail is still while the family move around her.

Favourite dinner and Dora ice cream cake for dinner.  Or rather, an icecream cake I bought at the shop, and stuck a pre-made bit of Dora icing on it.  Yeah, I'm like friggin Martha Stewart here.

Happy birthday to my Lolly.  Thanks for changing my life so fabulously!  I love you!


Stacey said...

LOL Martha Stewart!

Happy birthday Lolly! Bummed we missed your party :(.

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday to your Lolly!

Selene said...

Thanks! I STILL can't believe she's three, lol

Dinner-Dad said...

me too.