Monday, March 21, 2011


We had an unexpected trip to Sydney, partly thanks to DinnerDad's work!  The other kiddos are with their mother this week (and Smash is doing an extra night or two so I could come too, thanks Smash!), so we flew down yesterday, here is gorgeous features on the plane....  She's a good traveller, got a little whingy at the tail end, but that was due to our early start and her mere 8 hours sleep the night before. 

She loves our "little home" (hotel room) and is having a fabulous time being out and about in the city.  We had a swish dinner at the hotel last night, and today it was ALL the bacon for breakfast (Lolly is fan), then off to the Powerhouse Museum for much exploring and adventures.

Slightly tired on the way back, DinnerDad iThinged in the hotel bar with coffee while Lolly slept.  Worth every hour I'll be up tonight with awake-features!  I'm loving the new stroller I got on Friday!  It was cheap, and is actually tall enough for me, at last!  Lolly walks heaps, but on long distances, you still need a stroller, not to mention:

Pizza for dinner down at the Rocks, I love these (phone) shots of her and her Dad holding hands and running down the city streets.  Her joy was just a wonder to see.

She demanded, apropos of nothing, that she get soup for dinner (??!) and polished off most of a bowl of minestrone!  We had a rainy-windy walk back to "little home" and resting.

Tomorrow, DinnerDad is forced to work for our suppers, but Lolly and I are off to the Australian Museum with a friend!  Huzzah for last minute, mostly work paid for, impromptu holidays!  Huzzah!

[this post is a day behind, ah well!]

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