Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A few new things

Our shelves are pretty much the same at the moment, though I am in the process of doing a heap of new activites up for her!  More on that soon...

We got her a cheap tool set to add to her lovely wooden set Nanna and Pop got her for Christmas, it came with a lot of different types of tools that we thought she might like.  She loves building things with it, here she is with DinnerDad helping to build a stable for her horsey.

We thought the package was hilarious, not only is there a picture of some kind of serial-killer boy, but the subtitle says: "This is High Product it Can With You Wonderful!"  Also "Safety and Fun" - whatever that is.

I've added a tray of collage, glue and scissors to her shelves, Lolly is loving doing this at the moment!  I got these adorable scissors at Woolies, they make a quacking sound when you open them, too cute!  You can also see the tray of horses I'm leaving out at the moment. Lolly is obsessed with horses, and likes to have the out and together.


Here are my beginnings of Snail's shelves, her banger/pop up toy (thanks Nanna and Pop!), a Backyardigans car that sings a song when you move it (she loves this), and an Elmo book.  I'm planning a second low shelf for Snail's things, but am just using the table at the moment.

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Elizabeth said...

Your daughter is so precious -- that hair and that smile!

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment --I've read a bit of your blog and see that you have a step-daughter with seizures. I look forward to reading more (and hope that things go better with her!).