Friday, March 18, 2011

Pediatric Neurologists, being "normal," and Cthulhu. One of these things is not like the others...

As one does...

We're booking in to do another series of EEGs to try and see if Snail's zombie-ness is from seizures or not.  If we don't catch anything, there's a chance it might be from her medications, or the combination of medications, so perhaps further (and probably endless) fiddling with them may help.

Snail has been really bright and happy this week, far more chatty, and more demanding, which I am happy to see as it means she's more herself.  She protests things a little more, requests things more forcefully, it always makes DinnerDad and I smile.  Squeals of frustration are happy sounds round here!  Guess it's all a matter of perspective, as the same thing out of Lolly can frustrate me no end and cause rather a lot of eye rolling.  It used to be the same for Snail, too, until she gradually lost those more decisive parts of herself, the bits that get annoyed, that REALLY want something NOW, that crack a shit if we change the TV from a never ending loop of Blue's Clues, even those bits that used to have a screaming tanty if I left the room to say, pee (that's me, ever the selfish stepmother, forgot to pack my bladder of holding).

Trust me, you DO miss those things if they stop.  It makes me (when I'm particularly zen and mindful, so yeah, once a year or so) feel just unbelievably happy about a screaming toddler tantrum from Lolly.  It's just so normal.  Normal can bring many a tear to your eye.  Normal rocks.

Well, that went sideways an in some cheery directions.  Here's something funny to distract you: keen observers with freakish memories may notice I posted this in 2009.  It's funny though so here it is, reprised, apropos of nothing:

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