Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Adventure - Day the Third, and Homeward Bound...

Yesterday, Lolly and I took ourselves off downstairs for a snack before attacking our day out.  At first we were a little tired.
No photos, please.
But coffee perked us up no end (if anyone is panicking, it's milk only in hers :p).

We went to a bookshop, found me some books, and played on a train they had in the kids section, then walked down to the Quay to see the Sydney Aquarium.  Well, one of us walked, the other was carried in her stroller.  The Aquarium is a great spot to take young kids, Lolly loved it 6 months ago, and loved it even more yesterday!  It's mostly indoors, air conditioned, and very engaging for the younger customer.  It's pricey.  Lolly is still free, but it did cost me the princely sum of $35 dollars for the privilege.  But Lolly thought it was awesome.

Here's a dugong.  Why these things are known as the inspiration for mermaids luring sailors to their horny undersea deaths, I'm not too sure.  Sexeh?

There were heaps of these huge and elaborate Lego sculptures throughout, they were truly impressive.  I took lots of shots as DinnerDad was quite the Lego lad himself in his youth.  Here is the Moby Dick sculpture, which has a massive mural behind it, also made of lego.  Impressive stuff!  That's Lolly, the curly blur at the bottom left.

Moby Dick
Little lego peices.
I wish I'd taken my good camera (which came to Sydney but sat in the hotel room feeling lonely, I am a little out of the habit, but also admit that sometimes it's just a hassle to lug another bag around, with my regular bag of holding, the kid, and the stroller).  Anyway, the quality of the light in the shark undersea tunnel was truly beautiful.  The iPod camera struggles to capture it, but hints at how otherworldly it was, green and blue with those fingers of sunlight, extraordinary.

Lolly enjoyed going through these tunnels, and marvelled at everything she could see, from the biggest shark to the smallest fish. 

This starfish looks kinda drunken to me!
After we'd admired our fill of sea life, we went off for a bite to eat, and walked back up to the city, accidentally through this lovely garden in the middle of swish office buildings.  We had to go explore the fountains, flowers, and bugs.

After a break in our room, we popped back down to the bar for coffee and chips.  Lolly peruses the menu.

We had dinner at a fabulous French restaurant with DinnerDad (no photos!).  This morning we were up and off straight away, to train and plane it home again.  We picked up Pippin from her super luxe holiday resort for dogs (where she apparently had a great time), and made it home again!

Lolly was glad to be back, and spent a lot of time running around madly enjoying the space. 
Running with Pippin.
She also spent a good half hour playing intently with sticky tape, a soccer ball, and some ribbon to make this masterpeice. 

Some ribbons attached to her knees completed the look.

She's out like a light now, and we had a great time on our impromptu trip to Sydney.  Smash was back this afternoon, and we've got a day off before Snail is back - lucky as there are birthday happenings this weekend to prepare for!  Snail is 12 on Saturday, and it's Lolly's birthday party on Sunday!!  I promise to get the good camera out for all that birthday fun.

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