Monday, January 4, 2010

Selene takes on the homemaker blogs!!

A dear friend sent me some ALARMING links to some of the cleanest, neatest, best decorated homes in the UNIVERSE yesterday, complete with beautiful crafting, children's activities, and shiny happy kids :) Here is the worst of them, click if you dare!

So I thought I'd do a photo essay of my own on my own slightly less that fantabulous home, lol, just so the interwebs knows that not all of us are perfect.

Here is my messy lounge room and our enormous television, on which my toddler is watching TV while I mess about on the computer. Also note the crappy curtains and dirty carpet, and the uninspired light fitting.

Here is my computer. Sure, there's a picture on the wall, but I didn't paint it, and we'd lived here for three years before we got around to hanging it. Note the lack of designer furniture. Yes, that is one of our dining room chairs... If you look closely you'll see our careful child proofing in the form of a stuffed toy tied to the dangerous corner of the glass desk. It has fallen off.

Here is my toddler, still in her PJs. By PJs I mean a regular shirt and no pants. Note the dread-y hair and general unkempt appearance. The close observer may notice the stain in the right corner of the carpet where one of our dogs peed the night before. Don't fret if you can't, the stains are numerous.

Take that, perfect homemaker blogs!!!


anastasia_wolf said...

ROFL!!! I needed that!

Ayla said...

Oh that is awesome!! Thankyou!!