Sunday, January 30, 2011

Flood damage at Colleges Crossing

Here is a short video about the flooding at Colleges Crossing, which is just down the road from us here, and is our way into Ipswich, where the kids are at school. 

Here's my shot from when Lolly and I went down to look at the floodwaters on the day after the flooding.

The road is open now, it's surreal driving through there, like another world.  I couldn't believe the huge trees that were just lying there, uprooted, and everything was just gone!
Colleges Crossing

The car park at Colleges Crossing

It will be a long time before I take Lolly there for a play, or go down with Mum for a coffee.  I've been taking Lolly there since she was a few months old.  Very sad.


Anonymous said...

wow, that was such a beautiful area, it will take a long time to recover. I had wondered how Colleges crossing faired.

Selene said...

It's sad to drive through there, I counted today, there are only four trees left standing in the whole park. :(