Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Playing catch up!: Jumpoline!

I hope you like the new look blog! Here is some more catch uo posting...

Our family got a joint Christmas gift this year of a very large (indeed, larger than expected) 14 foot trampoline!!  We put it together on Christmas Eve, in the rain.  Fun was had. 

Snail watches the frame get set up.

 96 springs!

 Smash has first bounce.

 Lolly gets her first go on our “jumpoline!”

It's awesome!

Snail looks on “jump, jump, jump!”

 Putting up the net.

Snail has a go, love that face!  

It’s been a great present so far, and Lolly LOVES it!!  She also calls it the "jumpoline" or the “bounceline,” and most days has long bounces on it, especially with Smash.

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