Saturday, January 15, 2011

We're all okay!

A quick update to let everyone know we are all fine here.  We were completely cut off, and Dinnerdad didn't make it back to us on Tuesday, so has been staying with his brother.  He made it home when Kholo Creek went down, and drove across  yesterday afternoon. 

The kids are fine, they were at their Mum's in the same area.  Snail had run out of Epilim and it didn't get shipped in until yesterday, so has had some seizures today.  Hopefully she will improve with the meds.

We were without power until Friday night, I was cheering when it came back on!  :D  Our phone is working again too.  Mobile reception is improving, our ADSL is down, we are networking via the mobile now.

We are all so lucky, it was hard here without DinnerDad, but we knew he was safe, we are very high up on Mr Crosby, so knew we wouldn't flood.  We have food and our water is fine, and even have power now.  So lucky.

I have some amazing shots of the weir and kholo creek, Lolly and I went exploring on Wednesday and took some shots. we were very well looked after by the lovely Chelsee and her husband, who had power, and rescued all our freezer stuff, gave us lots of company, lunch and dinner!  and their lovely 2 year old and Lolly play together so well (they both were getting a bit bored!).  Made us feel very lucky and supported, I can't thank them, or my lovely brother and sister in law and their family enough, who looked after Dinnerdad so well.

My mum and dad are fine, they were cut off but have a generator.  So many of our family and friends have come through this all well and okay. 

Thanks for your thoughts, and I'll post more soon.  Thinking of you all, xxx

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Rachel said...

Great news! Glad you're all ok x