Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Playing catch up: new carpet!

I’ve been a slack blogger for ages, and have missed a few fun things that I thought I’d do some posts on as a catch up :D   

At the start of November, as part of our slow renovation process, we had new carpet put down.  You can see why in this photo, it was an off white colour, over 15 years old, and we have kids and dogs.  Here is what we found under the couch in the lounge!!  *looks embarrassed*

A kinda gross collection of kiddy artefacts and sultanas, which were under our couch.

 We had to shift all our furniture out into the tiled area or on the front lawn.  

The carpet layers pulled up the crappy old stuff, here’s our place with nothing!

Down to the concrete, complete with suspicious stains.

With new carpet!  Lolly does a happy dance :D

We packed up all the books and took ‘em upstairs, and rearranged things downstairs.  Our old library/dining room is now our TV area/lounge, and the lounge is a dining room and, well, a lounge, with a kids area.  

Before (Lolly is catching possums here).

After, complete with Diego.
Please ignore our unattractive paint colours, this is on our list of things to change.  It's odd how much you can ignore in a house (like our carpet, paint, and curtains, see below). Painting is next on our renovation list, together with a new kitchen!!  :D

Lounge room, before.

Lounge room, after (we have since got a bright red rug for the middle, too).
You can see that I've got a TV bench set up with Lolly's activities, and her table and new chairs.  We've since got rid of the tent, it came off worse for wear in some play and a teenager.  We're loving the shiny new red leather couch from Ikea :D

This is the other side of the lounge, before.

Other side of the lounge room, after, now our dining area.

We love the new colour, and it’s far more forgiving of our black dog!  We're looking forward to getting the painting done.

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