Thursday, January 27, 2011

Playing catch up!: Christmas 2010!

The last in my series of catch up posts :D

We had a lovely Christmas!  We were (somewhat ironically given what happened) worried that my parents would be flooded in, so they came on Christmas Eve and stayed over, which Lolly thought was awesome!!! 

Here is our rather large tree :D  Note the absence of ornaments at Lolly height, one of her projects over Christmas was taking all the silver baubles off and putting them in a bucket.  :D

 Presents in the morning!

Love the series of shots of opening this one…

And Snail had a ball too.

The girls get a kite from Nanna and Pop.

Awesome nerf gun.

Dora, sans pants.

DinnerDad’s delicious icecream Christmas cake!

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