Sunday, September 18, 2011

On new chairs!

We took Snail last week for a meeting at the CP League to try some new wheelchairs!  This one is the Iris, pretty much like this one.  Here she is trying one out!

See the curved bit at the base of the seat?  That's the tilt-in-space mechanism, that means we can tilt the whole seat back if she has had a seizure.

We needed to try it out as we need a chair she can self-propel (at home) as well as a Tilt-in-space-able chair.  With bigger wheels, she should be able to push this one at home. 

Also the handle is awesome, there are brakes at the back (!!), and we're getting a groovy colour!

We also tried the Convaid Rodeo, which is a stroller-style chair, which is more for us to use on weekends, much lighter and more maneuverable.  It looks cool! 

This, except RED!

I don't quite see why it has to be over $3500, when I bought a sturdy stroller for my little kid for $80...but that is life for those with disabilities.

It'll take up to 6 months to get the funding approved and physically get the chairs, can't wait!


Elizabeth said...

We have the Convaid Rodeo -- I actually bought it on eBay from a non-profit in Colorado that had a few lying around (they generally gave them away in their community). I got it for $1000 --

Good luck getting a new one. As for pricing, you should check out Claire's blog for one of the greatest statements about the price of wheelchairs -- the link is on my blog.

Selene said...

Oh cool, we're hoping it will help with the weekend + seizure combo that usually leaves us trapped at home. If she's not toooooo seizure-y, we could still risk going out with a tilt-in-space chair.

I might check out second hand ones, but we've never had luck over here with that.

Will check out that post. The new bigger chair would be thousands and thousands, seems very excessive!