Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Staying at Nanna and Pop's

DinnerDad was away last week for work, and Lollster and I went off to stay overnight with my Mum.  It was pretty wonderful.  For one thing, I had a two hour nap in the afternoon, and slept in the next morning.  I basically now want my Mum to move in.  It would radically improve my sleep!  Oh and I love my Mum a lot and she's awesome.  But it would be mostly about the sleep. 

My parents live on 10 acres of bush just north of Brisbane.  It's beautiful up there.  Here was my breakfast view.

Alright, really. 

Veiw from the bedroom.

Lolly had been up for hours and picked me a flower.
 My Mum makes beautiful quilts, which are everywhere, and even can get used for "dog beds," for Lolly-puppies, that is.  I snapped iPhone shots of some.
"dog bed" for Lolly on the sunny deck.
On our bed.

My favourite, on the wall.
I would have been better rested if it hadn't also been the night my Grandmother (on my natural father's side) had died.  That does tend to put a dampner on your spirit of fun and adventure. 

I think we'll be going up to stay every few weeks for the sleep! because Lolly gets so much out of her relationship with her Nanna (AND Pop!).

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