Thursday, September 22, 2011


Lolly is enjoying sending SMS to her Didda.  She sends them full of amusing and painstakingly selected emoticons.  Her expression while selecting the emoticons is priceless, like the most vital and essential task is being performed.

Last week she discovered that in messages you can record video and take pictures, and recorded a video of Ash and I chatting in the front seat of the car and sent it to DinnerDad. 

Green is the Lollster, DD replies in kind.

It's all the kind of thing that makes my jaw drop at technology, and just how primed we are to adapt to whatever we are presented with as children.  I think with awe about the relationship Lolly will have with technology and communication in her life, having been primed for it as a three year old.  It's all a bit *wow*.

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Elizabeth said...

I know. When you think about technology even over the last fifteen years, it's mind-boggling. I didn't even have a computer when Sophie was born!