Sunday, September 4, 2011

On horse rides and being emotionally creative

We ventured out to a local school fair today, in search mainly of pony rides.  We located them.  And rode on them. Twice. 

Outrageously cute kid at front of local fair.

I know.  Not a horse.

Obligatory animal nursery/poo trap.
Just coz it's about as cute as a button!
I'm not sure it was worth the 15 solid minutes of crying in the car on the way home about not getting fairy floss.  I'm not even sure why she was so upset.  She's never had fairy floss and so is not in the know about its awesomeness.  It was more an excuse for her to completely lose it.

She is just having some emotionally creative times lately, clearly she's got a lot to process.  Every crying session I get through without taking it too personally, and while holding some space for her while not losing my temper and being an arsehole, is a good one. Or something.  In the spirit of complete honesty, I do NOT manage this every time. 

*deep breath*

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