Wednesday, September 7, 2011


They may sometimes be blurry and from my iPhone, but I'm sharing these glimpses of our recent doings. 

First, here is Lolly pretending to be one of the myriad of animals she frequently pretends to be.  Cat, dog, horse, dinosaur, squirrel, and "big red dog called Clifford" are her most go-to pretends.  She often demands her food and drink in bowls so she can "eat like a *insert current favourite here.*"

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 I wish I had taken my good camera this day, this was a moment that nearly made me cry, it seemed to sum up the differences between Snail and Lolly's lives.  Lolly is up and in it all, while Snail cannot, stuck in her own world and her chair that represents that world.  Our lives are full of these moments.  You try not to let them break you.

Lolly and I went to have Sushi train on their cheap Tuesdays.

Serious Miso face.

I liked these kitchy salt and pepper shakers!
 Since our trip, Lolly is mad keen on the tomato juice.  Ably illustrated by this face.  Note the hole in her shirt (one of my favourites) that she ripped earlier that night by attaching a bungy cord to it as a "leash."  See photo one... *sigh*

Storytime at the library.


Rachael said...

It's hard not to let those moments break you. I get it (to some extent), and I'm sorry.

Selene said...

Thanks, lovely. xo