Monday, September 26, 2011

The Foot of our Snail (with bonus rantings)

Snail has articulated foot ortotics to support her standing and transfers (and walking in her walker), and her current pair were as pinchy as anything as she grows and grows (kids do that).  We can't get a new pair til our Appointment of Mystery at CP Health (November!), so I hunted around and found a place that could assess them and stretch 'em for her in the meantime.  Yay!

The *boo!* part is how this place is about an hour across town from our house.  And that we'd already had a week full of appointments (including a doctor that morning) so everyone was buggered and over offices and prodding and poking (and having to take the three year old, who, despite her love of doctors, has a limit).

Anyhoo, we made it in one peice, woke up Snail's extremely grumpy sister, and headed in.  All this modification takes time, coz they literally have to heat them up and shape the plastic, so we were there for over an hour.  Everyone got bored and shitty, even the kids.

Snail says "really..."

Snail and her funny little feets!

Thank the gods they had DORA!

Snail is very bendy, sore, and tired, and Lolly watches DORA!

I bribe everyone into a good mood on the way home with "Old MacDonalds." (photo by Lolly).
Let me pause at the end of telling the blogosphere about this long (but productive) day, by saying that a) this over an hour adjustment of both orthotics only cost me $55!, but that b) our health insurance doesn't cover orthotics.  No, you didn't read that wrong.  Not because our health insurance is crappy, either.  Because most insurance covers all kinds of extras but doesn't recognise orthotics at all.

The equipment itself, may be paid for by insurance.  Maybe.  We usually have to put it under a kind of "miscellaneous" heading, but they did pay for her last few pairs.  But not any consultation or re-fit, or adjustment.  I'm sorry, what?

Basically, I can go get a candle wafted over me by anyone with a tafe course under their belt and get it paid for, I can get sports shoes (for a "healthier lifestyle"), but I can't get prescription orthotics for my profoundly disabled child, coz that's not...what...extra enough?  Medical?  Has anyone in insurance ever seen them?  FFS, people!!  My insurance covers acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, aromatherapy (!!), reiki (!), or kinesiology, but not orthotics.  I nearly blew a lobe.  I'm writing angry emails. 

At least the child's orthotics fit her (kind of) again.  And we had chips.  Calm. Blue. Ocean.


Elizabeth said...

So frustrating -- and I hope it works out.

I've never asked you this before, but does Snail have a diagnosis?

Selene said...

She sure does, pachygyria, a brain malformation. Whether genetic or congenital, we haven't gone the genetic testing route as yet - it's on my list! The pachy causes her seizures, and her cerebral palsy.