Thursday, September 1, 2011

Found items, part 2

Amusing things I find round the house, courtesy of Lolly, aged 3.

Here, some kind of elaborate string tying around a horse, with another "rescue" horse (or so I am informed), under out dining room table. 

No one is allowed to move the string horse, or untangle it, on pain of much crying and screaming.  It's been there over two weeks!  


Elizabeth said...

She would be a wonderful playmate for my son Oliver who is known to create extremely complex tableaus everywhere in the house, too.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Fantastic. I think you could make a compassion club with my partner who isn't allowed to move things either. "Stop mucking about in my brain, PLEASE!"

Rescue Horses are good causes, and safe locations to put emotion. I should take note.