Friday, April 15, 2011

Catching Up: Birthday Parties and Dora Cakes

I may have mentioned, somewhere on this blog of mine, that DinnerDad, true to his name, can cook (here is his long neglected blog on the topic).  Apparently, he can also make cakes!  Lolly requested a Dora cake for her party, and dispite my goddam Martha Stewart efforts on her actual birthday, it was thought that perhaps more effort may be required for an actual gathering.  Ahem.

Under Construction

I can't resist the shot, the genius at work, complete with glasses, and awesome superior over-the-glasses look!

He even built a fridge on the bench to keep it cool as it was too big for our fridge.

Dora's sarcophagus.

Beautiful 3 year old, seeking a bit of privacy to eat her yummy cake!

Party time!  Don't they look just so happy!

Seizure time :(

Though we had to LOL when at one stage she stirred, grabbed the skittle set Lolly got for a present, then conked again with it clutched in her hand.  Now, there's a girl with priorities!

Other than Snail having a seizure and sleeping through it all, Lolly had a wonderful day, we were blessed with some gorgeous gifts, and great company, though we missed my family, who were far away :(


Elizabeth said...

Your husband is so talented! I'm glad you all had a happy day, with the exception of Snail, of course. Sigh.

Stacey said...

That cake is awesome!!

Rachel said...

Wow. That cake is unbelievably gorgeous. Almost too good to eat. Almost.

Selene said...

Not bad, hey! I'm looking forward to next year's impossible cake challenges ;)