Thursday, April 14, 2011

Catching up: Melbourne Adventures!

We are lucky.  At the last minute, last week, we planned a surprise trip to Sale to see my family, and a few days in Melbourne with DinnerDad for his work.  I feel like these little trips (we were in Sydney a fortnight ago, too) are a great way to feel a tad better about the crazy hours DinnerDad works, and how often he is away.

Smash came along on this trip, he was on holidays, but Snail missed out, bad timing, as she would have loved the Aquarium, and seeing my Mum!  Oh and holy crap we nearly missed our plane!!  We were literally the last on.  *phew*  The woman at the hire car place at the Melbourne airport was so lovely, and let Lolly come round behind the counter and "work."  She asked for a "big car" through the two way radio.

The cute!  It burns!!
After much driving about, then picking up DinnerDad, and driving to Sale, Lolly was beside herself to see Nanna and Pop!  She just LOVES them!  It was nice to get some free time while Lolly played and played and played with Nanna and Pop.  She loves their caravan.  And getting Nanna to go on slides.

We had a good, but too short, break in Sale, even catching my sister (who is training to be an air traffic controller at the Air Force, very tough to do and she studies pretty much ALL the time!) and her lovely partner (who we hadn't met properly other than Skype).  Sale is a lovely town, but our time there was too short :(

Off on a whirlwind tour of Melbourne.  Aquarium antics with the big brother. They have these awesome "bubbles" in some tanks that you can climb under to stick your head in. 

She referred to this one as the "grumpy fish"
At the Melbourne Museum.  And can I pause to say, wow!  This is an amazing museum.  Their kid space is beautiful, and huge, and only for 3-8s, and full of wonderful things to explore.  Lolly listened to an aboriginal creation story, rode on a caterpillar, explored mirrors, built things, and discovered how many wombats she is high (three and a half wombats).  We were there for ages, and only explored half of one level!  We were sad to miss the Thutenkamon exhibit by only 2 days!

 It was a grand trip, lots of fun.

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