Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Awkward and amusing things one does with one's baby, the retrospective

When you're sorting through your iPhoto album, all approaching 40,000 shots of it, one can't help but post on the Interwebz some baby photo oversharing.  Oh, what fun we had...

Ming the Merciless lipliner eyebrows by DinnerDad, July 2008 [about 4 months old].  Best baby photos.  Evah.  

Baby in a Bucket, another DinnerDad classic, August 2008:

Beering it up with Auntie Jubes, August 2008. She didn't get any.  Don't call DOCS.

Dog dentistry: November 2008.

 Yoghurt, 2009:

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Kestrel said...

Ahahahahahaha, classic! Those are superb!