Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Forever Young

Lolly started Cycle One at Montessori today, just for an hour, but still, it's the first on a long series of steps to her life apart from me.  Sniff.  Made me all: 

Which has a lot of meaning for me, because MY mother loves Bob Dylan, and wrote the Forever Young lyrics in my birthday card when I turned 16, which, from memory, made us both cry.

Did I mention...sniff...

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strawberrypot said...

Sniff... beautiful song, beautiful lyrics... for two beautiful girls (and one beautiful grand-mama).

I thought of you both on the day, luv, and meant to call you (but passed out - of course). A day where Lolly took her first, wee steps, into the marvelous universe of education - a universe she will share with you. You brought her into the world, and now you're giving her the greatest gift a parent can give - the power to think... and be free.

We love you all - stoopidly!
Lizzie & Gabi XOXOxoxo