Monday, June 13, 2011

Three is Awesome

Here are some cool things you might do it you were three:

- spend a full 15 minute car trip, car windows down, calling whale songs to humpback whales that might need rescuing.  "Arrruoooooogaaaaaa!!!"

- Build stables out of chairs (that have to left up constantly at all costs).
- get to tell your mother in a moment of grumpy (mine): "Mummy, just Stop.  And Think!"  Closely followed by: "Take a deep breath!"

- do "crazy awesome stunts" on the trampoline.  And call them "crazy awesome stunts."

- chase your dog with your toy stroller.  Endlessly.  Seriously, we have to put the dog outside sometimes.

- keep up a constant demand for horsey stories, and dolphin stories, and dinosaur stories.  

- play hide and seek with your dinosaurs in the bath.

- "doctor" all your toy animals with sticky tape.

- Think that finding a rock is made of awesome, and having to share it with your Mum straight away.

Mum!  A rock!!
Three is pretty darn fantastic, from where I'm lucky enough to be sitting.


Anonymous said...

Hee, the dinosaurs! Mine is eight, and the tub area is still populated by many dinosaurs (and snakes, and giant squid, and arctic critters, and a sewergator).

I should probably warn you that as a child I learned to sew specifically so that I could perform operations on all my plush toys in my toy hospital. I suppose that at least saves on sticky tape (blimey, that stuff is expensive when you go through rolls and rolls of it sticking boxes together into spaceships).

Elizabeth said...

That last photo is adorable. What an imp!

Selene said...

lol @ the sewergator. I'm worried now about the sewing, too. Lolly is mad keen on "doctoring" everything, even the coffee tables have band aids and tape all over them. If I really need a 15 minute break from the awesome, I give her a pack of band aids. It's like Christmas!