Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mischief Managed

I used dog food today to purchase a free half hour.  Not on purpose, I fed the dog, then it [by it, I mean my awesome three year old] went quiet... Too quiet.  I spied some suspicious doings out the bedroom window, and had the following mental dialogue with myself:

"Aw shit, I didn't realise that she could get the lid off that.  Doesn't look too bad so far, I guess I'll go out and clean it up.... Hang on, it's grotty already, and the dog will eventually eat all this food bonanza, or the birds will.  It looks like there's some food left in there, maybe I should just slink quietly past into the lounge and sit down, I still have half a cup of coffee left, I reckon she'll be another 15!"

Here is what it looked like when she finally came in and asked me to come look at her creations...

Embiggen to fully appreciate the amount of dog food on the ground.
The dog's bucket for water...

Oh yes, she's eating some, though she does prefer cat food.
"and then I put that in there, to make some doggy soup!"  So proud of her accomplishments!
It was worth it. 

[Oh and in case overseas readers are pitying our dog not having a stylish water bowl, round these parts, a bucket is the easiest way to ensure cane toads don't sit in the dog water and poison it.  Cane toads can't hop high enough to get over the sides of a bucket.  Nice, hey!  Gosh we have some great wildlife here in Oz!] 

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