Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Apropos of Nothing

Our toilet blocked up again late last week (oh yeah, this blog is all about the glamour), and I was lucky enough to get a plumber to come pretty much straight over and fix it (this happens a lot to our loo, we are on acerage and have a long pipe over flat ground leading to the septic, which spells lots of blockages.  The best one EVAH was just after I came home from having Lolly.  Coz you don't need to use the toilet when you're 5 days out from having a baby).  Frankly, I was just grateful that for once it happened during a weekday, in working hours.  It happens so often that it's seriously becoming cost viable to get the septic relocated for thousands of dollars rather than shelling out for plumbers, usually at midnight on the weekend, several times a year. 

Anyhoo, as fascinating as you undoubtedly find our septic woes, our lovely and awesome plumber comes over, and also takes a look at a leaking tap in the upstairs bathroom.  Lolly enjoys "helping" people, so as he's fixing away upstairs, Lolly comes over to me at a gallop and the following conversation occurs:

Lolly: I need to put shoes on to help the man!!!

Me: ??

Lolly:  The plumber man.  I need to help him very much!  I need my shoes to help him!  [Runs over to the shoe rack and gets shoes]

Me:  Okay, he's upstairs, let's go up there and have a look at what he's doing.

Lolly: NO!! I need shoes!!  I need shoes to help the man!

Me: But he's just upstairs.  Let's just go upstairs.  We don't really need shoes.

Lolly:  NO!! I need to put shoes on to help the man!

Me: Can't we just go up the stairs without our shoes?

Lolly:  NOOOOOOO!! Shoes!!!!  [getting increasingly upset]

Me:'s just upstairs, what do we need shoes for?

Lolly: [grins and looks super happy]  Look Mummy!!  Hand-gloves!!

Hand-gloves, apparently

Me: bwhahahahahaha

I love an apropos of nothing conversation.

Lolly, as I was writing this:  Jesus, I'm tired, Mummy!

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My fav: "Jesus dude ... "