Sunday, June 26, 2011

Adventures of the walking variety

We went out for walks this weekend, with a generous amount of snacking thrown in.  Saturday we went to Southbank with Lolly's birthday bike, which was a hit.  There was yummy fish and chips, and ice cream.  Mangroves were examined, and many seeds and leaves gathered for collages ("and then we can stick them on the paper with the strong glue and that will be so beautiful!!" rinse and repeat).
Lolly waiting for the lift in the carpark
Sunday saw us head off to Slaughter Falls (best name for a waterfall, evah) for a short bushwalk and lunch with the trusty gas stove. 
Lunch spot, now with more curls
Mmmmm, sausages!  It must have been drier round here than I realised, since the floods I've kind of assumed we're still waterlogged, but the creek and falls were dry.  Guess it hasn't rained much this season!  We found some still ponds and admired the fish.

Small legs only go so far, but Lolly enjoyed the walk, helped by the many dogs being walked on the trail.  On the merest glimpse of a dog, even on the sidewalk as we're driving past, Lolly says (repeatedly) "I want to pat that dog!" (rinse and repeat).  Most people (and dogs) are amenable, but I do draw the line at stopping the car, unloading, and accosting dog-bearing strangers.  I have boundaries.  Honest.

This is what I get when I ask for action - puppy pose!
Snail would have liked the river walk, but the bush walk was just too hard to take a wheelchair, too many steps and tree roots, too thin in places, steep!  It's our off week, so we do sneak in some non-wheelchair friendly locations when we don't have Snail.  It's an issue that sits a little uncomfortably, we know we couldn't go there if we had Snail full-time, does that mean we shouldn't do it?  It's not fair for Snail to miss out, but in all honestly, there is a divide between our plans for a Snail weekend/week, and a non-Snail week/end.  Just a meander.  Those with similar limitations, you know what I'm talking about here? 

Meanwhile, here is Lolly, asleep behind the sunnies in the car.  

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