Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sea World, now with more photos!

In the interests of getting my money's worth, I took Lolly to Sea World using our year long pass (which expires Thursday).  Given she is just slightly obsessed with the creatures of the sea lately, suffice it to say she thoroughly enjoyed it.  Too many photos follow. 

We saw pirate acrobatics, fed fish, saw pelicans, penguins, a polar bear, sting rays, sharks, patted starfish and sea cucumbers (a lot), and of course, dolphins.  Much of Lolly's day was spent asking if she could pat everything.  So when there were starfish and sea cucumbers on offer for the patting, it was some serious awesome.  I wish she could pat everything!

The pirate ship show, complete with cannons
Watching the pirate doings!
Polar bear plays ball!

Could this be the best ice cream face ever?

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeousness! All I can say is - more pics please?!