Monday, June 6, 2011

Good Times

We had a lovely trip to see family, and my sister's graduation, which was tres cool and even had a flyover, it was pretty darn impressive, and a special day for all of us.
Where was my fly-over when I got my degrees?  Now I feel hard done by...
I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to put photos of the Aunty and peeps in question - in uniform and all, and with all the bigwigs attending - on the interwebs on pain of death [or excommunication, decapitation, or some such] so in leiu of that, here is a harmless and non-security-breaking-Lolly, dancing as the parade marched out.  And one of her just looking gorgeous, just coz.

Getting down to the marching sylings of the band.  The airborne curl!
Too lovely.
Lolly spent much time on our holiday hanging with Nanna and Pop, and playing with her Aunties.  We took a short day trip across country to the start of the Gippsland lake district, by the sea.  The weather was crisp and clear, the spot was eye-poppingly lovely.

Lolly got very up close and personal with this rather large black swan.
My perpective is a little out, this swan was nearly as tall as she was!

We had a very restful time of it, I read several books (as planned!  It was AWESOME!), Lolly played ALL the games with Nanna, who I'm sure is very glad to have a quiet day or two of rest now we've headed back home. 
On the boardwalk with Nanna and Pop.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful creature.

Elizabeth said...

I love her curls -- so sweet!

Stacey said...

Now I know it's been way too long since I saw you, her curls are amazing!